Friday, 8 September 2017

Petition against new DIY waste charges handed into West Berks Council Executive

I handed my petition against the new charges for taking DIY waste and tyres to West Berks recycling centres to the council's Executive meeting last night. It had 295 names. More people signed overnight so I sent a revised version with 311 names this morning.

Friday, 1 September 2017

West Berks Council will start charging for disposing of DIY waste and tyres on Mon 4th Sept

West Berks Council will start charging for taking DIY waste and tyres to recycling centres on Mon 4th Sept. The charges will be for things like rubble, plasterboard, soil and tyres. Please see attached images for details. I've started an online petition asking the council to reverse these charges - please add your name here.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Theale not affected by LGBCE's proposals for new West Berks Council ward boundaries

Theale is not affected by the Local Government Boundary Commission's proposals for new ward boundaried for West Berks Council. Summary of proposals affecting Reading West constituency:

Pangbourne: now includes Tidmarsh and Sulham from Purley ward – one member. Tilehurst and Purley: a 3-member ward including Westwood and northern part of existing Birch Copse. Birch Copse: a 2-member ward, losing its northern bit to Purley but taking in Royal Avenue part of Calcot. Tilehurst South & Holybrook is similar to Calcot but only a 2-member ward, with a chunk taken away to Birch Copse. Theale: one member ward on existing boundaries. The proposals are now out for consultation (10 weeks). Full details and a map.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Another IKEA planning application for a "navigation tower" visible from Theale

IKEA have submitted another planning application for a "navigation tower" that would be visible from Theale High Street. This one would be 57 meters (187 feet high)!. The previous application (withdrawn) was for one 42m meters high. The application numbers are 17/02237/FUL and 17/02238/ADV. The plans, etc, can be viewed by clicking here

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Planning application to build 130 homes on Whitehart Meadow has been refused

Good news for Theale! The planning application to build 130 homes on Whitehart Meadow has been refused permission by #WestBerks Council. The reasons for refusal were:

  1. The site is outside the settlement boundary
  2. The site is in Flood Zone 2
  3. Insufficient consideration has been given to the management of surface water for the development
  4. No adequate justification for the absence of affordable housing in the proposal

I will not be surprised if the developer appeals, though.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Petition asking West Berks Council to reverse its decision to charge for disposal of oil, DIY waste and tyres

Please sign my petition asking for West Berks Council to reverse its decision to charge its residents to dispose of Soil, Rubble, Ceramics, Plasterboard and Tyres at their Recycling Centres: please click here

Planning application submitted to build a new fire station in Theale.

Planning Application 17/02128/COMIND has been submitted to West Berkshire Council to build a fire station in Theale. The proposed site is at the A4/A340/Wigmore Lane roundabout in Theale. The plans can be viewed, and comments made, by clicking here

The plans can also be viewed at Theale Parish Council offices in the Recreation Ground, Englefield Road between 10 am and 1 pm Monday to Friday.
Comments can also be sent by post to the Chief Planning Officer, West Berkshire Council, Market Street, Newbury, RG14 5LD, or by email to, quoting the application number. The application will normally be decided by Council planning officers unless at least 10 objections are received. In that case the application will be decided by the Eastern Area Planning Committee. Please see over the page for plans showing what is proposed. Theale Parish Council will be deciding on its comments on the proposal at its meeting at 7:30 pm this Monday, 7th August. The meeting will be held in: Peter Gooch Room The Pavilion Recreation Ground Englefield Road Theale