Thursday, 23 February 2012

Neighbourhood Wardens started to clear pile of litter in Arrowhead Road Theale

I had the following response from the wardens about my request to clear the pile of litter on the river bank by Arrowhead Road (pictures not attached)

Hi Alan

We looked at this today and cleared 4 bags of rubbish from the roadside by the river on our way to the riverside.

However, when we looked further we noticed a vast amount of litter beyond the location in your picture.

Attached is a map of the area – the attached pics are marked 1,2,3 and 4 on the map.

The Drain, marked X on the map is also heavily littered (no photo).

We estimate to clear this will take 6 to 8 hours for one person.

We would probably do this as a team effort.

We will approach SSE and see if this might be a job for their volunteer team.

We are not sure about the land ownership – the field with crops growing has many items of litter, mostly alcohol bottles and cans – and we would not want to damage crops and would appreciate permission to go on this land.

The ditch maybe British Waterways, and the river bank but the bank top and ditch maybe WBC?

WBC – Would you be able to collect bagged litter from the roadside if we can arrange a date and time?

British Waterways – Do you wish to have an input into this in any way? You may have had a contact from West Berks Council about this.

Alan- Do you know who owns the field?

We will be in contact again after we have spoken with SSE.



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Peter Elliott
Senior Neighbourhood Warden
West Berkshire Neighbourhood Wardens
Sovereign South+West
Berkshire House
24 Bartholomew Street Newbury RG14 5LL

Direct line: 0118 945 5286
Mobile: 07831 683414

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