Monday, 27 February 2012

Reading Buses drop proposal to re-route Jetblack 1 bus away from Theale High Street

I, together with parish councillors, attended a meeting arranged by Reading Buses this morning to discuss their proposal to re-route the Jetblack 1 bus service away from Theale High Street. They want to serve Theale station and better serve the Arlington Business Park. However, they are also concerned by delays caused by hold-ups crossing the roundabout on the A4  and in Theale High Street.

I showed them the petition that 305 residents had signed. I then pointed out the difficulties that this would cause people who live in the 500+ homes and the residents in the sheltered housing, in particular, at the east end of Theale. I also emphasised that we need to keep the width restriction under the flyover in Station Road.

As a result of our discussions, Reading Buses are going to drop the proposal. They may resurrect the idea if the bus frequency is increased in the future. This would allow alternate buses to serve the High Street and the Station.

Councillor Alan Macro
27th Feb 2012

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