Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Calcot IKEA: Some interesting things came up in a briefing about the planning application

West Berkshire and parish councillors were given a briefing about the Calcot IKEA planning application this morning.

We were told some interesting things by IKEA:

  1. Staff (co-workers in IKEA's parlance) would be allowed to park in customer spaces
  2. A peak of 120 staff would be working at any one time (there would only be 36 parking spaces for staff)
  3. The width of Pincents Lane is now proposed to be increased for the entire length between Sainsbury's and the IKEA site
  4. Traffic was modelled only as far west as the Arlington roundabout, although 13.6% of customers are predicted to come along the A4 from the west (i.e. Thatcham/Newbury direction).
Councillor Alan Macro
29th Feb 2012

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