Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Trying to set up a new youth club in Theale

Had a meeting today with parish councillors, neighbourhood wardens, West Berks Council youth worker and Berkshire Association of Children and Young People (BACYP) to try to get a new youth club going in Theale. A big problem is finding suitable premises, as storage for large items like pool tables is required.

Looks like we may be able to start a session at the Leisure Centre for older kids to play informal sport, such as five-a-side football.

During the meeting the West Berks Council youth worker told us that "detached" (outreach) youth work will cease in Theale. Apparently, Theale does not have enough anti-social behaviour to warrant it!

If you are interested in helping to set up or run a youth club then please contact Theale Parish Council clerk (0118 930 6592)

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