Wednesday, 8 February 2012

West Berkshire Council budget cuts

I have been going though the 2012/13 budget proposals for my opposition portfolio. I am really concerned about some of the "savings" in the Children & Young People directorate. Particularly the proposal to reduce the school improvement team by 3.2 people (saving £185,00), removing the school meals subsidy - which will increase the cost of meals to between £2.15 and £2.30, and reducing the grants to voluntary organisations for respite care by 50%.

West Berks schools have had a lot of problems recently. Theale Green School has been given a Notice to improve by OFSTED and some of the other secondary schools have done less well in their GCSE results. Those school improvement advisors are really needed!

They are also proposing to reduce the budget of the Youth Offending Team by 10%. This will jeopardise the success of one of the best Youth Offending Teams in the country!

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