Tuesday, 13 March 2012

3 railway bridges closed between Theale and Thatcham

National Rail has closed the following road-over-railway bridges:

  • Sulhampstead Hill
  • A340 at Aldermaston
  • Aldermaston station
This means that the only places where HGVs can cross the railway between Theale and Thatcham are Frouds Lane (between Aldermaston and Woolhampton) and Woolhampton level crossing.

Cars, but not lorries, can also use the Ufton Nervet level crossing (site of the train disaster) and the Padworth Lane bridge. Lorries can use the railway bridge in Theale, but can only access the trading estate as there are width and weight restrictions on Theale canal swing bridge.

This shows very bad planning by National Rail. Apparently, they did not give West Berkshire Council very much notice either.

The bridges will be closed for several months so that they can be raised to provide clearance for the overhead power lines that will be installed when the Reading-Newbury line is electrified.

Councillor Alan Macro
13th March 2012

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