Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Chuggers - charity collectors - in Theale High Street

Theale Parish Council was told last night by the parish clerk that she had had complaints about "chuggers" from businesses in the High Street on two occasions in the last two weeks.

Chuggers try to sign people up to direct debits in favour of charities. They are so-called because some people who have been signed up feel like they have been mugged for charity.

The complaints were that they were:
  • Obstructing entrances to shops
  • Intimidating people
  • Harassing people
These are all against the collectors code-of-conduct. They do not require a licence because they are not collecting cash.

If this happens again, and you see people being intimidated or harassed, then please report them to the police on the non-emergency number - 101.

Councillor Alan Macro
6th March 2012

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