Saturday, 28 April 2012

Reading free "Changing ways of Theale" book

I was given an interesting book: "The Changing ways of Theale" by Theale library yesterday.

It is full of interesting photos of Theale and it is free!

It covers the history of Theale, concentrating on the influence of transport links.

The photos were taken by the Kingsley Photographic Group. This is a group of people with physical and learning difficulties based at the Greenfield House day centre in Calcot.

Publication of the book was financed by the Heritage Lottery fund.

I was also given a booklet commemorating the Theale Community Quilt that was made by Theale villagers to celebrate the millennium. The quilt is on display on the wall of the main hall in Theale Green Community School.

The library still has good stocks of the book and booklet - go in and ask for them!

Alan Macro
Councillor for Theale
West Berkshire Council

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