Sunday, 1 April 2012

Sent response to Great Western Trains franchise replacement consultation

I sent a response to the consultation on the Great Western Trains Franchise Replacement consultation yesterday.

I want to ensure that Theale still has at least the current service of through trains to London Paddington after Crossrail starts. Crossrail will take over the two "slow" tracks between Maidenhead and Paddington and I was worried that this would jeopardise our through trains. I have also asked for through trains in the evening and for a late evening through service for Theale residents attending West End Shows.

I have also asked for the use of Intercity 125 trains on Theale services to be phased out. Reliability and punctuality took a nose dive when these were introduced. They are also too long for Theale's platforms!

I also asked for improvements to the facilities on Theale Station.

Councillor Alan Macro

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