Tuesday, 29 May 2012

New high pressure water main to be built past Theale

Thames Water have told Theale Parish Council that they are going to build a new water main between Tilehurst and Hermitage. It will run under the M4, across the old sewage works, behind the gardens in Chestnut Close, Kathleen Sanders Court and North Street, and then beside the footpath to North Street.

It may be installed past Theale by putting it in an excavated trench and then covering it with earth, or by "directional drilling". The latter would cause less disturbance to residents but would require a "reception pit" to be dug in the playing fields. It would also require a narrow area along the edge of the field to weld the plastic pipes together.

The project will probably start in about a year's time, after the football tournament.

The purpose of the 12-inch high pressure (170 psi) main is to reduce the amount of water abstracted from the ground in the Kennet and Lambourn valleys to supply Thatcham. The water would come from the waterworks at Fobney in Reading instead. Abstraction is currently causing abnormally low ground water levels in those valleys and this is starting to affect wildlife.

Alan Macro
Councillor for Theale
West Berkshire Council

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