Monday, 9 July 2012

Electoral Registration Forms Being Sent Out By West Berkshire Council

Electoral registration forms are being sent out by West Berkshire Council. These are normally sent out in the autumn, but are being sent out early this year because of the election for the Police and Crime Commissioner to be held on 15th November.

If there are no changes to the electors in your household, then you need to register by doing one of the following:

If registering by phone or on the Internet, you will need to provide the "Part 1" and "Part 2" numbers printed on the form.

If there are changes to the electors registered at your address, you will need to amend the form and send it back to the council using the reply paid envelope.

If you are not registered for a postal vote then please consider doing so. Doing so would mean that you could still cast your vote if you are away, ill or late home from work on election day. You will need to amend and return the form if you want to change to postal voting.

Alan Macro
Councillor for Theale
West Berkshire Council

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