Friday, 24 August 2012

Gas mains in Theale High Street to be replaced this autumn

A gas main runs down each side of the High Street. Southern Gas Networks are planning to replace these mains this autumn. They have told West Berkshire Council that they are planning to start on September 3rd and finish on 3rd December. The start date is now looking rather optimistic!

They may be able to insert the new pipes through the old. If so, this will significantly reduce the amount of digging they have to do. They would still need to excavate a hole outside each building with gas supplies to re-connect it, though.

I am very concerned about the disruption caused to the shops and businesses. I have asked West Berkshire Council to look at various options for temporary car parking.

I will post news on this here as soon as I receive it.

Alan Macro
Councillor for Theale
West Berkshire Council

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