Sunday, 11 November 2012

A beautiful day for the Remembrance Day ceremony in Theale!

What a beautiful day for the Remembrance Day ceremony in Theale!

Parish councillors from Theale and Holybrook led the parade through the High Street to the church.

The church was absolutely packed. Every seat in the main body of the church and in the gallery were taken. Cubs, scouts, brownies army cadets and St John's cadets were sitting in the choir. The choir were sitting in the sanctuary.

The service moved outside for the final part of the service, as there was a surprise. The surprise was a fly-past by an RAF Chinook helicopter. One hymn and the national anthem were sung outside, accompanied by a trumpet played by a young lady.

The young lady also played the last post and reveille before and after the two minutes silence.

I always find the reading of the names of the Theale fallen very evocative, particularly the names of the three Herberts and two Davies who died in the First World War.

Wreaths were laid by the Church, the two parish councils, by me, the police, army cadets, scouts, cubs, brownies, St John's and by Maurice Smith. Maurice was a guardsman who served in the second world war and wore his guardsman's dress uniform and a chestful of medals

A Gurkha in uniform also attended the parade.

Alan Macro
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West Berkshire Council

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