Thursday, 25 April 2013

Seven road and pavement defects reported to West Berkshire Council

I have reported the following highways defects to West Berkshire Council this week:

Worn-out zebra crossing markings in Theale High Street:

Image 1

Bent bollards and broken keep-left sign under Station Road fly-over:

Image 1

Road collapsing in Theale High Street after a water main leak:

Image 1

Loose manhole cover in Theale High Street:

Image 1

Worn-out stop marking in Crown Lane:

Image 1

Missing infilling around manhole cover:in High Street pavement:

Image 1

Loose and broken paving slab in manhole cover in High Street pavement:

Image 1


  1. Who do we talk to about doing the same thing for roads around Compton please?

  2. You could try talking to your councillor to do it:

    Councillor Virginia von Celsing
    Pyt House
    Aldworth Road
    Reading Berkshire
    RG8 8RA

    Phone: (01635) 201281

    Mobile: 07747 013142