Monday, 29 April 2013

Two houses in Theale burgled

I heard at today's meeting of the police Theale Neighbourhood Action Group (NAG) that two houses in Theale were recently burgled. The thieves got into the houses using an implement put through the letter box that was used to turn the handle on the "nightlatch" used to lock the door.

If your front door is locked using a nightlatch, then make it harder for thieves by doing one of the following:

  • Having a mortice lock fitted
  • Replacing the nightlatch with one that double locks
  • Fitting a bolt to the door
If you need advice, then please call the local Thames Valley Police Crime Prevention and Reduction officer on 01635 264 624.

We have two mortice locks, a nightlatch and a ten-inch bolt on our front door. We have a double-locking nightlatch and two ten-inch bolts on our back door.

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