Saturday, 11 May 2013

Special Meeting of Theale Parish Council to discuss future of North St playing field

There will be a special meeting of Theale Parish Council on Wednesday 15th May to discuss the future of the North Street playing field. This is the field bounded by Englefield Road, the road leading to North Street, the road leading to Theale Golf Club, North Walk and Play Platt.  Please see this satellite image. It is leased from the Englefield Estate.

The playing field was previously the Theale Green School playing field. The field contains three football pitches but could accommodate at least one more. The field has seen less football played in recent years as several teams of the main user, Theale Tigers, now play in leagues that play all their matches on pitches in Reading.

The parish council spends a considerable amount of money on renting the field and on cutting the grass and hedges. The council is under financial pressure because:
  • A change in government regulations reduced the council's tax base (because of the large number of singly occupied homes). This has meant that the council has had to increase council tax although it is not spending any more than the previous year. This problem was reduced this year by a government grant to West Berkshire Council that was shared with parishes. We do not know if this grant will be given in future years and, if so, whether WBC will continue to share it.
  • The government keeps threatening to cap parish council council tax.
These two things mean that the parish council does not know how much money it will be able to spend in the next financial year.

The meeting will be in:

     The Peter Gooch Room
     The Pavilion
     Recreation Ground
     Englefield Road
The meeting will start at 7:30 pm.

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