Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Asked WBC for measures to prevent HGVs from using unsuitable roads in Theale

I have had complaints from Theale residents about HGVs using unsuitable roads in Theale.
  • Wigmore Lane. HGVs entering Wigmore Lane “unintentionally” (despite the No Through Road signs) are entering the residential area and then turning  round in the T-junction. The road here is very narrow and lightly built and very unsuitable for this “use”. 
  • Play Platt/Blossom Ave/Blossom Lane/Crown Lane. HGVs have been seen using this route to reportedly access the shop in Station Road. Blossom Lane and Crown Lane are very narrow and the turn from Blossom Lane into Crown Lane is very sharp, so these roads are completely unsuitable for HGVs.
  • HGVs have been seen parked in Play Platt and Blossom Ave and local residents have strongly suspected that the drivers have gone as patients to Theale Medical Centre.
Most of Theale is subject to a 7.5 tonne weight limit, except for access. These HGV drivers would claim that that they are accessing properties in Theale.

I have asked the West Berkshire Council to erect “Unsuitable for HGV” signs or reinforce the “No Through Road” signs in Wigmore Lane, and erect “Unsuitable for HGVs” signs at the entrances to Play Platt and Crown Lane.

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