Sunday, 2 June 2013

Complained to CAA about noise from planes doing aerobatics

I have just made the following complaint to the CAA about the disturbance caused to Theale residents by the planes that do aerobatics over the village every weekend. If you want to make your own complaint to the CAA, please use this form.

Residents of Theale, Berkshire, are regularly subjected to the noise of small aircraft performing aerobatic manoeuvres. The fluctuation in engine noise is most disturbing. This occurs virtually every Saturday and Sunday, except in the winter. An occurrence has just finished at 14:00 on June 2nd.

Although the CAA says:

Is an aircraft allowed to carry out aerobatic manoeuvres over a built up/residential area?

No. The Rules of the Air regulations state that “an aircraft shall not carry out an aerobatic manoeuvre over the congested area of any city, town or settlement”. The Air Navigation Order defines a Congested Area as “an area that is substantially used for residential, industrial, commercial or recreational purposes”.

They also say that complaints should be directed to the aerodrome where the plane flew from. How are we supposed to know that?

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