Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Council awarded nearly £2M to improve A4 through Calcot

The government has awarded West Berkshire Council almost £2 million pounds to tackle traffic congestion on the A4 through Calcot.

The £1.992 million funding means that a £2.8 million project to widen the road to provide an additional westbound traffic lane can now be completed much earlier than previously planned.

The opportunity will also be taken to improve traffic flow eastbound from Royal Avenue to the Langley Hill junction.

The £1.992 million is coming from the ‘Pinch Point’ fund which was announced in the Government’s Autumn 2012 statement which offered around £170 million to remove ‘bottlenecks’ on local road networks.

The project will be funded primarily from the Pinch Point cash, most of the balance will come from developer’s contributions, including a contribution from Ikea. There will also be a contribution from the Council’s Highways Capital programme. The Council will be working closely with Ikea with to co-ordinate works.

I am disappointed that more is not going to be done to improve traffic flow towards Reading, as this is a major problem in the evening

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