Monday, 29 July 2013

Asked West Berks Environmental Health for action on premises with poor food hygiene ratings

Asked West Berkshire Council's Environmental Health Service to urgently inspect the Theale food shop that doesn't have a food hygiene rating. This is all the more urgent as I have heard reports that they sell out-of-date food and that one customer was sold a bottle of milk that was curdled.

I have also asked them what action is planned for the premises with the hygiene rating of "urgent improvement required" and the two with a rating of "major improvement required".

Friday, 26 July 2013

Four eating establishments in Theale need food hygiene improvements

Four pubs/restaurants/takeaways in Theale need food hygiene improvements. Of these, one needs urgent improvement and two need major improvement.

Please check the Food Safety Agency website before you go out to eat in Theale or anywhere else.

On the other hand, two pubs in Theale have a rating of "good".

Six shops have the top rating of "very good", though one other shop has not yet been rated.

I am not naming the establishments as things may change.

Friday, 19 July 2013

Successful bid for £5,000 towards skateboard park in Theale

Members of West Berkshire Council are invited to make bids for funding towards projects in their wards. This year, the maximum bid was £5,000 per councillor.

I made a bid for the maximum towards Theale Parish Council's skateboard park project. Today I received confirmation that my bid had been successful.

There is still a long way to go - the estimated cost is between £40,000 and £50,000. However, the parish council will be applying for grants from from charitable trusts, etc. Many such bodies make grants on a "matched funding" basis, so the £5,000 gives us a start,

The proposed skate park will be sited close to the play area in the recreation ground. It will be far enough away from houses to avoid noise disturbance while still be overlooked.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Man arrested in connection with incident in The Green, Theale on Monday evening

The Newbury Weekly News has reported that a man has been arrested following an incident involving two young girls in Theale.

Both girls, aged 12, were walking along The Green in Theale at around 8pm on Monday evening when they were approached by a man in a vehicle.
A 39-year-old man from the Reading area has been arrested in connection with the incident on suspicion of using threatening, abusive insulting words or behaviour with intent to cause fear or provoke unlawful violence.
He has been released on bail to appear at Newbury Police Station on August 15th.

Monday, 15 July 2013

Updated: Attempted child abduction in The Green, Theale

The police called yesterday evening to say that a man tried to abduct two children at the west end of Theale at about 8pm (15th July).

If you saw or heard anything suspicious in this area at around that time, then please call the police on 101.

Update 15th July:

A neighbour has posted the following on Facebook:

Just been an incident at the end of our road near horseman commercial at the end of Theale, 2 12 year old girls were stopped by a skinny man in a silver people carrier, he demanded they get in the car and swore at them. They are ok.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Updated: M4 J11-12 Closures affecting Theale this week

According to the Highway Agency website, the following closures will affect the M4 westbound between J11 and J12 and at J12:

July 17-20 10pm to 6 am M4 Westbound closed
July 15-20 10pm to 6 am Westbound off slip at J12 closed
July 16-18  10pm to 6 am All 3 westbound lanes closed at J12

There is some contradiction with this, which I am trying to clear up.I will update this post  if I get clarification.

UPDATE 17th July:

I received the following diary of work from the Highways Agency today:

Friday, 12 July 2013

Donation to the Air Ambulance in Theale

I received a flyer for "The Air Ambulance Service" asking for residents to donate bags of clothing, books, toys, CDs, etc., by putting them outside their homes for collection.

This seems to be a genuine organisation that supports air ambulance services (not all are), but it does not support our local air ambulance service. Our service is the Thames Valley and Chilterns Air Ambulance. If you want to support that, you can donate clothes, curtains, etc., by bagging them up and putting them in the bin in the main car park off Theale High Street. Other sites where you can donate such bags are listed here.

You can also help Thames Valley and Chilterns Air Ambulance raise funds by donating scrap cars and used postage stamps. Please see for details.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Updated: Major work on Tyle Mill canal swing bridge, near Theale

The canal bridge at Tyle Mill will be closed to road traffic from 29th July to 23rd August. This is on the road from the Spring Inn up through Sulhamstead to Burghfild Common and Mortimer.

The works are to carry out repairs to replace the bridge deck and also for the Canal and River Trust to repair the turn table and strengthen the structutre. The works will be carried out under a full road closure with a signed diversion route. The works have been programmed to be carried out from Monday 29 July 2013 to Friday 23 August 2013.

Received the following update from West Berkshire Council Highways in response to my enquiry on the effect on canal traffic :

The works  to replace the deck boards are being carried out by West Berkshire Council at the request of the Canal and River Trust and the works to repair the bridge kentledge and strengthening is being carried out by the Canal and river Trust themselves. I have been informed by the Canal and River Trust that the bridge will be swung off in the open position to allow access to the kentledge. In light of the above disruption to Canal traffic will be minimal if at all.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Travellers have left Theale Lakeside site

Arrived back today from a long weekend away to find that the travellers have gone. The site entrance is now secure, though the damaged security panels across the entrance are mangled and ugly.

As the site has been re-secured, I assume that the landowner took quick legal action to evict the travellers, just as I asked him to.

The site is now more secure than before because the concrete block blocking the footway alongside the access road is not resting on a pallet, as it was before..

Unfortunately, it appears that the travellers left rubbish behind.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Travellers have entered the Lakeside site in Theale

Travellers have set up camp on the Lakeside site, off The Green, Theale.

They gained entry by sliding a concrete block that was blocking the access road footway onto the access road itself, then drove over the footway.

There were three caravans, plus associated vehicles, on the site when I investigated this morning. However, experience suggests that others will soon join them unless quick legal action is taken by the landowners.

I have contacted British Land, who own the site, and urged them to take quick legal action to move the travellers on.

I understand that a community-minded resident saw that the site was insecure and re-secured it using a lock and chain. He hadn't seen that travellers had already entered the site as they were hidden from view.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Man arrested for fly-tipping in Burghfield

A man has been arrested for dumping waste in Bennets Hill, Burghfield, in March. He was caught on camera.

He was also arrested in connection with using an uninsured motor vehicle.

He was bailed until 2nd August.

Fly-tipping is a menace and we have had some bad instances in Theale. It is good that the council, trading standards and the police  are doing something to tackle it.