Saturday, 31 August 2013

Shocked at the number of children and pedestrians injured outside Theale Schools

I got the following information from by entering the postcode for Theale Church of England Primary School. I was shocked at the numbers, especially for child casualties, although other schools in West Berkshire were much worse. The data is for the five years 2006-11, so predate the road narrowings that I got built at the zebra crossing outside the primary school and in Englefield Road. That said, I believe that we need to look at ways of making these roads safer.

Child Casualties
Pedestrian Casualties
Cyclist Casualties
Theale Green
Theale C of E Primary

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Enjoyed Tanzanite's 2nd birthday party in Theale yesterday

Tanzanite Day Care Services provide day care to people with physical disability, head injury, dementia, parkinson's, neurological conditions and for the elderly. 

They held a celebratory lunch yesterday celebrate two years of operation. They invited parish councillors, neighbourhead wardens and me along. I was delighted to attend and enjoyed chatting to clients and staff.

Tanzanite was formed to cater for people who could no longer attend West Berkshire Council's day centres because of centre closure and more stringent attendance criteria. They are based at the John Cumber Hall in Theale High Street.

If you know of anyone who could benefit from Tanzanite's services then please contact:

Kathryn on 01635 253 757 or 07799 701 309


Zeph on 0118 962 2498 or 07708 626 533

or email them on

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Updated: Asked West Berks Council to secure green space in Woodfield Way, Theale,

I have asked West Berkshire Council to put in security measures to help prevent travellers getting onto the green space in Woodfield Way again. I have suggested that the Countryside department take advice on this from the council’s Traveller Liaison Officer.

Update 21st August:

The council are going to put a lockable bollard in the access. However, they are going to leave the "knee rail" in place for now. This is because:

  1. A more substantial fence would be visually intrusive
  2. The area is classed as recreational and the police are therefore more likely to move travellers on under their powers (as they did last week)
  3. Travellers have only occupied the site once
  4. The site is not regarded as high risk because travellers realise they are likley to be moved on by the police

Friday, 16 August 2013

Church Street, Theale, closed 8am to 5pm on Sunday

The stretch of Church Street between the junctions with Englefield Road and Crown Lane will be closed between 08:00 and 17:00 on Sunday 18th August.

This is for the resurfacing work to be completed.

The buses will be diverted via Brunel Road and the bypass during the work. Buses will stop outside Theale Station.

The road has to be completely closed because machinery will need to occupy the full width of the road while the Englefield Road junction is being worked on.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Updated: Travellers camped in Theale

I received several reports today that about six traveller caravans have camped on the green space half way along Woodfield Way in Theale.

I believe that the land involved is owned by West Berkshire Council. This means that the council can apply to the magistrates' court for an order for the travellers to move off the land. If it was private land, it would be down to the landowner to go to the civil courts.

The council has been informed and I will be lobbying them hard to apply to the magistrates' court as soon as possible. Unfortunately, they may not be able to do this until early next week (travellers often move onto land on a Thursday or Friday for this reason).

Update 9:30 pm

I have just been down to the site.The police are preparing to move the travellers off the land. They are waiting for a recovery truck to arrive.

They are also looking for the owner of a blue Astra parked just on the High Street side Woodfield Way road narrowing. They want to avoid the travellers using it as an claiming it is obstructing their way.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Very sorry to see that Bill of Q-Tel, Theale, has died

There is a notice in Q-Tel's window to say that Bill died yesterday. The shop will be closed until 16th August.

Bill was always very friendly and helpful to everybody. He will be sorely missed.

He was one of the characters of the village and nothing was too much trouble.

Updated: Asked council to keep Church Street open while resurfacing completed

The resurfacing work on the stretch of Church Street between Englefield Road and Crown Lane has been done differently than originally planned. The plan was to plane off this section last Sunday (11th) and lay the new surface next Sunday (18th). However, the contractors have completed the resurfacing of the mini roundabout and the southern (red Lion) side of the road. They have not done any work on the rest of the northern (Crown) side of the road.

I have therefore asked the West Berkshire Highways department to keep  the re-surfaced half open when the rest of the work is done. This would avoid closing the road and mean that the buses did not have to be diverted. They have agreed do do the work under temporary traffic light control provided the work can be done safely.

Update 15th August

West Berks Council Highways have told me that they will have to close the road after all. Machinery will need to use the full width of the road when they are working on the Englefield Road junction.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

No buses serving Theale 11th and 18th August

Buses won't be stopping in Theale on Sundays 11th and 18th August. This is because part of Church Street will be closed for resurfacing.

Buses will be diverted via Brunel Road and will stop outside the station.

Monday, 5 August 2013

M4 Junction 12 slip road closures 12th to 20th August

West Berkshire Council have sent me the following communication for the Highways Agency:

M4 Junction 12 Reading Carriageway Maintenance Work

I am writing to inform you that the Highways Agency will be carrying out maintenance work to address surface defects on the slip roads at junction 12 (exit for Reading), and along a section of the eastbound carriageway near Theale.

For the safety of the workforce and to keep overall disruption to a minimum, work is scheduled to be carried out between 10pm and 6am (Monday to Friday), when traffic flows are at their lowest, as follows:

·         Monday 12 August for four nights – Resurfacing the eastbound exit slip road, and a stretch of lane 2 of the eastbound carriageway, between Malpas and junction 12. The slip road will be closed each night and there will be lane closures on the main M4 eastbound carriageway.
·         Friday 16 August for five nights – Resurfacing the eastbound entry slip road at junction 12. The slip road will be closed each night.
·         Friday 13 September for two nights – Resurfacing the westbound entry slip road at junction 12.  The slip road will be closed each night.

During the closures of the slip roads, clearly signed diversion routes will be in place either via junction 11 (for the westbound entry and eastbound exit slip roads) or junction 13 (for the eastbound entry slip road).

Please be aware that these works have been carefully programmed but may be postponed at short notice due to circumstances beyond our control (i.e. poor weather conditions or emergency works).

Advance warning of the closures will be displayed on black and yellow signs at the junction.

Friday, 2 August 2013

Updated: Road closure signs in Theale High Street are in wrong place

Signs went up at each end of Theale High Street on Wednesday saying the road will be closed on Sunday 11th and Sunday 18th August.

These signs are in the wrong place. The section of road affected is in Church Street between the junction with Englefield Road and the junction with Crown Lane. This part of the road will be re-surfaced on those dates.

I have informed West Berkshire Council, who will get the signs moved.

Update August 5th

The signs have been re-positioned to their correct positions at each end of the affected stretch of road.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Part of Church Street, Theale, to be resurfaced 11th & 18th August

The section of Church Street between the Red Lion and Crown Lane is to be resurfaced ("machine patched") over the next few weeks. 

This section of road will be:

  • planed off on Sunday 11th August
  • resurfaced on Sunday 18th August
The section of road will be closed between 08:00 and 17:00 on these dates.

This work was originally scheduled to be done last year but was postponed twice because of bad weather and then again because part of the gas main replacement project (now cancelled) covered the same piece of road.

Advanced road closure sign have been but up at each end of the High Street. It looks like they have been put in the wrong place. I will check with the council.