Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Updated: Asked council to keep Church Street open while resurfacing completed

The resurfacing work on the stretch of Church Street between Englefield Road and Crown Lane has been done differently than originally planned. The plan was to plane off this section last Sunday (11th) and lay the new surface next Sunday (18th). However, the contractors have completed the resurfacing of the mini roundabout and the southern (red Lion) side of the road. They have not done any work on the rest of the northern (Crown) side of the road.

I have therefore asked the West Berkshire Highways department to keep  the re-surfaced half open when the rest of the work is done. This would avoid closing the road and mean that the buses did not have to be diverted. They have agreed do do the work under temporary traffic light control provided the work can be done safely.

Update 15th August

West Berks Council Highways have told me that they will have to close the road after all. Machinery will need to use the full width of the road when they are working on the Englefield Road junction.

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