Sunday, 18 August 2013

Updated: Asked West Berks Council to secure green space in Woodfield Way, Theale,

I have asked West Berkshire Council to put in security measures to help prevent travellers getting onto the green space in Woodfield Way again. I have suggested that the Countryside department take advice on this from the council’s Traveller Liaison Officer.

Update 21st August:

The council are going to put a lockable bollard in the access. However, they are going to leave the "knee rail" in place for now. This is because:

  1. A more substantial fence would be visually intrusive
  2. The area is classed as recreational and the police are therefore more likely to move travellers on under their powers (as they did last week)
  3. Travellers have only occupied the site once
  4. The site is not regarded as high risk because travellers realise they are likley to be moved on by the police

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