Thursday, 15 August 2013

Updated: Travellers camped in Theale

I received several reports today that about six traveller caravans have camped on the green space half way along Woodfield Way in Theale.

I believe that the land involved is owned by West Berkshire Council. This means that the council can apply to the magistrates' court for an order for the travellers to move off the land. If it was private land, it would be down to the landowner to go to the civil courts.

The council has been informed and I will be lobbying them hard to apply to the magistrates' court as soon as possible. Unfortunately, they may not be able to do this until early next week (travellers often move onto land on a Thursday or Friday for this reason).

Update 9:30 pm

I have just been down to the site.The police are preparing to move the travellers off the land. They are waiting for a recovery truck to arrive.

They are also looking for the owner of a blue Astra parked just on the High Street side Woodfield Way road narrowing. They want to avoid the travellers using it as an claiming it is obstructing their way.

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  1. Excellent! Thanks for the update Alan.