Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Oil thefts from Theale Village Hall - question to Chief Constable

The Chief Constable of Thames Valley will be making a presentation and answering questions before the meeting of West Berkshire Council on 19th September. I have submitted the following question to her:

The village hall in Theale has recently suffered from a series of heating oil thefts. This is the second time in two years that such a series of oil thefts has occurred and this is threatening the financial viability of the hall. The initial theft in the recent series was witnessed. A description of suspects, and the description and registration number of suspect vehicle of an unusual colour, was given to the police over the phone. Police investigation of this second series of thefts has been hampered by:
  • The police officer who responded to the first theft being reluctant to take away evidence in his police vehicle. He also disputed the value of some of the evidence, contradicting advice from scene of crime officers given after last year’s thefts
  • A problem with crime reporting that led to a lack of continuity in investigating the thefts, despite the same modus operandi being used at the same premises within a few days. Each instance was investigated by a separate officer and  initially regarded as a separate crime
  • One of the instances being investigated by a recently recruited PCSO
  • No statement being taken
Could the chief constable please tell me what action has been taken to address the deficiencies in dealing with this crime, which was being investigated under the PCC’s rural crime initiative?

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