Thursday, 31 October 2013

Reported damaged keep left sign & bollards to West Berks Council

Reported the damaged keep left sign and bollards under the Station Road flyover to West Berkshire Council. This is at least the third time that I have reported damage to these bollards.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Theale Church Street temporary closure on 3rd November postponed

The temporary closure of Church Street has been postponed from 3rd November to, probably, 17th November.

This is so that the closure does not clash with the Station Road closure or Remembrance Sunday.

The closure was to allow parts to be resurfaced.

Damage to willow tree opposite Theale library

The willow tree on the green area opposite Theale library in Church Street was damaged by yesterday;s storms. A large bough came down and blocked the footway.

I noticed that another large branch had cracked and was likely to fall. I reported this to West Berkshire Council as I was concerned about the safety of pedestrians and of people waiting at the bus stop.

The council are going to pollard the tree. This will involve severely cutting the branches back. This will have a dramatic effect on the tree. However, willow trees recover quickly from pollarding, as can be seen with the willow at the corner of Meadow Way and Cavalier Close that was pollarded earlier this year.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

My response to the consultation on the A4 Calcot widening proposals:

I have submitted the following as my response to the consultation on the A4 Calcot widening proposals:

The opportunity should be taken to provide two lanes eastbound, at the expense of abolishing the westbound right turns. There is often congestion eastbound in both the morning and evening peaks.

I am concerned that removal of the pedestrian refuge at the signalised crossing will provide insufficient protection for parents and children crossing to access the Calcot infant and junior schools.

Information on the proposals can be found here, FAQs here and drawings here.

If you want to respond to the consultation, then please email your comments to by the 25th of October.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Consultation on widening of A4 through Calcot extended until 1st November

West Berkshire Council is proposing to widen the A4 between the Royal Avenue roundabout and Langley Hill. The project is estimated to cost £2.9M and will being paid for from Government "Pinchpoint", developer contributions (including IKEA) and the council's Local Transport Plan grant.

The proposals would provide two lanes westbound with lane improvements eastbound. The eastbound carriageway would include a very long section of hatched-off road that would protect westbound right-turn lanes. This seems a wasted opportunity!

It is also proposed to remove the pedestrian refuge at the pedestrian crossing signals. This crossing is used by parents and children going to and from Calcot junior and infant schools. Removal of the refuge will leave crossing users in the centre of the road "protected" only by road hatchings.

Consultation on the proposals closes this Friday, November 1st

Information on the proposals can be found here, FAQs here and drawings here.

Comments on the proposals should be emailed to by the November 1st

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Fallen-down fence at end of Volunteer Road

I have reported this fence, at the entrance to the open space green area, to West Berkshire Council

Took action to get Station Road re-opened after roadworks

Station Road was closed between the flyover and the mini roundabout at the end of the slip road last weekend. This was to allow a gas connection to be laid across the road. It will be closed again for the same reason next weekend.

The road should have been re-opened at 5 pm on Sunday. I checked at 5:30 pm on Sunday evening and found that it had not been re-opened. I was concerned about the problems that would have been caused when people tried to get to work on Monday morning, particularly those catching trains. I therefore removed the cones and flattened the road closure signs, after checking that it was safe to do so.

I have asked West Berkshire Council to ensure that this does not happen again next weekend and instructions have been passed to the contractor.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Station Road should be open overnight during traffic restrictions for resurfacing

I got a couple of complaints yesterday that the part of Station Road between Arrowhead Road and the canal bridge that was being re-surfaced had not been re-opened overnight. I checked and it was still closed at 7:45pm last night. I have checked with West Berkshire Council officers and my original information that the closures were only between 8am and 5pm was correct. The council will contact the contractor to make sure that the road is re-opened at 5pm each day. To re-iterate the restrictions are as follows:

The following traffic restrictions on parts of Station Road are scheduled as follows:

  • Temporary closure 8am to 5pm 15th October to 28th October: Arrowhead Road to canal bridge  
  • Temporary traffic lights October 29th to November 1st: Arrowhead Road to canal bridge
  • Temporary closure: Markham Centre to Arrowhead Road: Sundays 27th October and 3rd November.

Updated: Accident on A34 Northbound @ East Ilsley, Congestion in Surrounding Areas, Diversions via M4

Following updated information from West Berkshire Council:

Please be advised that an incident has occurred along the A34 around East IIsley. The A34 plan has been invoked and the HA called another multi agency telecon during which we established:
  • A34 Incident around East Ilsley
           Southbound carriageway has 1 lane running;
           Northbound carriageway  remains  blocked;
            All traffic turned around by police (rearward relief)
           One HGV and 3 broken-down cars remain obstructing the northbound at present
            The car transporter that crashed into the central reservation was successfully dragged off the crash barrier at 12.45
            Support crews are going to sweep the carriageway and assess IF resurfacing is necessary, as a preliminary to a decision on WHEN any resurfacing will take place 
·         Police are  continuing to route traffic onto M4 at Junction 13 to divert either via M4 westbound and A338 northbound or via M4 eastbound and A404 northbound to M40;
·       Other traffic impacts across the Newbury area including northbound traffic queues on A34 south of M4 Junction 13, A338 south of and through Wantage, B4009, old Oxford Road past Chieveley, and expected on B4000 in Wickham/Stockcross area (also linked to the M4 incident)
·      No welfare concerns at present  - police have checked the occupants of the three broken down cars remaining on the A34; 
  • Recovery vehicles and support vehicles on site to assist with removal of the car transporter, and assessment of road surface conditionsand crash barriers
  •  Use of VMS on the wider strategic network to inform drivers.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Email address for repeat prescriptions from Theale Medical Centre has changed

The new email address for ordering repeat prescriptions from Theale Medical Centre is

The address has changed because of the NHS reorganisation

Changed opening hours for West Berks Council's Calcot office in Sainsbury's

The Council's office at Sainsbury's in Calcot, will have new opening times for a few months.  From 21 October, it will open only on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9.30am to 4.30pm and on the second Saturday of each month from 9.30am to 12.30pm. 

Current opening times may be found here

More temporary closures of parts of Station Road, Theale

In addition to the temporary closures between Arrowhead Road and the canal bridge for resurfacing, the part between the underpass and the mini roundabout at the end of the bypass slip road will be closed between:

  • 8am Saturday 19th October and 5pm 20th October
  • 8am Saturday 26th October and 5pm 27th October
The alternative route from Theale will be via the High Street, Waterside Drive and Brunel Road.

These closures are fo installation of a gas main connection.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Parts of Station Road, Theale, to be temporarily closed for resurfacing

The following traffic restrictions on parts of Station Road are scheduled as follows:

  • Temporary closure 8am to 5pm 15th October to 28th October: Arrowhead Road to canal bridge  
  • Temporary traffic lights October 29th to November 1st: Arrowhead Road to canal bridge
  • Temporary closure: Markham Centre to Arrowhead Road: Sundays 27th October and 3rd November
This is to allow this part of Station Road to be resurfaced. Resurfacing of the part between the station and the Markham Centre has been postponed because Network Rail are planning to rebuild the bridge as part of the railway electrification work.

Monday, 7 October 2013

Monthly update from Thames Valley Police for Theale

The following is the latest addition of the monthly update from your Police Community Support Officer PCSO Olivia Davis C8612. Please note that the heating oil thefts were from the Village Hall.
Information about your area
Over the past couple of weeks we have experienced a small number of burglary non dwellings, i.e. sheds/garages. Please ensure that you have a secure lock on any external storage areas – sometimes a basic padlock will not be enough. If you are looking to increase security, I would recommend a Close Shackled Padlock. If you store any high value belongings in external storage, you should consider marking them so that they are identifiable, and should make a note of any serial numbers.
We have recently had a spate of oil/diesel thefts in the area at both the Parish Council area and the Industrial estate. If you see anything suspicious or believe an offence may have occurred please call 101. If you store oil on your premises, please be vigilant and take every precaution to safe guard it, such as using a lockable cap, or purchasing a ‘Watchman Alarm’ which sounds when the oil level is low.
Anti-social behaviour at the Parish Council office is on the decrease and we are still experiencing issues such as criminal damage and the use of Nitrous Oxide canisters. Please can all members of the public continue to be vigilant whenever in the area.
Autumn is now upon us, but please still take care if you are leaving windows open. Ensure your house is secure before going out, don’t allow yourself to become a target!
Thames Valley Police have taken a number of operational initiatives on the area to deter any criminal activity. The Neighbourhood Team can arrange to visit you to provide Crime Prevention Advice and offer a home security assessment. To book an appointment, please call 101 and ask to speak to one of the Theale Neighbourhood Team. The team have increased patrols in the area, but please remain vigilant to help us reduce crime.
Our ongoing appeal for information from members of the public is as important as ever as we continue to tackle the problems that affect you in our community. Please report any suspicious activity immediately to Thames Valley Police either on the non-emergency number 101, or if a crime is taking place please call 999.
Anti-Social Behaviour.
If you experience any anti-social behaviour, please call in any incidents on the 101 non-emergency number (or in the case of an emergency dial 999) so that we may attend and deal with the situation as necessary. We have experienced a substantial decrease in the amount of ASB committed so far this year compared with this time last year, and we are continually working to decrease this figure further.
Neighbourhood Watch, Theale Area.
Stats show that streets that run effective Neighbourhood Watch Schemes do in fact contribute to reducing local crime and I am keen to recruit more coordinators for the area. Please do register your interest at one of our door knocks detailed below with any of the officers and learn more about how you could become involved in the scheme. Alternatively call the 101 police non-emergency number and register your interest to myself. On average you will only be required to spend three hours a month running your street Watch.
Neighbourhood Action Group (NAG)
If you have any issues you would like to be discussed by the group or feel that you think should be a neighbourhood priority please email me If you are a resident of Theale or belong to a group or organisation that has a stake in either Neighbourhood’s and would like to become a NAG member to help with solving Neighbourhood problems please contact the above email address.
Neighbourhood Priorities
We are currently focusing on tackling anti-social behaviour and issues we are experiencing in the industrial area. The Neighbourhood Action Group will continue to review the priorities and other potential priorities can be considered. If you have specific concerns about crime or disorder in the Theale neighbourhood please email the address above.
Public Consultations
Public consultations (door knocks) are planned for Monday 7th October at 7pm on The Crescent. Members of the Neighbourhood Policing Team and partner agencies will be knocking on residents doors and it is an opportunity for you to tell us what issues you may have.

Contact us
If you want any advice or would like to contact the neighbourhood team you can call us on the new police non emergency number 101 but if your call is an emergency then dial 999.   You can also contact us via – please note this email address cannot be used to contact Thames Valley Police to report crimes or for any urgent matters.   If you have information about crime or Anti Social Behaviour in your area but you do not want to speak to the police, please call the Crimestoppers charity on 0800 555111.   To view information on your neighbourhood team you can visit the force website at:
Crime Reduction Meetings
Friday 25th October: 4pm -8pm - In the foyer of Sainsburys, Savacentre
We will be at Sainsburys between the above times, if you are in the area or would particularly like some crime prevention advice come and meet your local Neighbourhood police team and get tips about crime reduction. This will include advice on general home security, vehicle security and property marking. We will also have top tips, leaflets and door stickers for the Halloween and Bonfire evenings coming up. Expect to see some surprise guests on the 25th October!!