Saturday, 16 November 2013

Door-to-door salesmen selling thermal coatings for walls and roofs in Theale

I saw a couple of young men with logos on their jackets and wearing ID tags calling on houses in Crown Lane today. I spoke to one and he told me that they were telling people about roof coatings and that residents in the area would be offered "free surveys" on Monday. He gave me one of his brochures.

The company is called Thermal Coatings. There is a report on the Office of Fair Trading website about action taken by Lanarkshire Trading Standards against a company of the same name for aggressive sales and for refusing to leave consumers' homes. If you experience this behaviour, tell the salesman that you know that their directors have given formal undertakings not to do this and that you will report them to West Berkshire and Wokingham Trading Standards if they persist.

Their brochure and website say that their coatings save energy, but they give no justification for that. Neither do they give any estimated savings. There is quite a lot of information suggesting that such coatings do nothing to reduce heat loss from a house. A National Association of Roofing Contractors press release warns consumers to view claims of energy saving with extreme caution.

Please remember that reputable companies selling products or services do not need to sell door-to-door. Customers go to them.

You can contact West Berkshire and Wokingham Trading Standards on 01635 519930 or by email at

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