Friday, 28 February 2014

Request for scrutiny of organisations' response to flooding and storm events accepted by West Berks Council

I made the following request for scrutiny accepted by West Berkshire Councils Overview and Scrutiny Commission this week:

Topic for Scrutiny:

The actions and response of West Berkshire Council and other organisations and companies to the recent flooding and storm events. The review should include the response by the council itself, the Environment Agency, the emergency services, the armed forces, and by Thames Water and other utility companies.

The review should include all actions in response to the floods and storms. It should also recommend actions to all these organisations to prevent the events happening again or to minimise their impact.


Many communities in West Berkshire have been badly affected by flooding and storm damage in the last couple of months. Some villages and towns have been badly affected by river flooding from the Thames, Kennet or other rivers. Others have been flooded by rising groundwater or sewage. At the same time storm force winds have brought down trees and power lines, blocking roads and causing power cuts.

Council officers and staff, neighbourhood wardens, police and fire officers, armed forces, agency staff and utility company employees have all been working exceptionally hard for extremely long hours. However lessons can be learned for all the organisations involved.

Expected Outcomes
Lessons should be learned from the actions of the Council and other organisations involved.

Actions should be proposed that either prevent the flooding and storm events happening again or minimise their impact.

Alan Macro
Councillor for Theale
West Berkshire Council

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