Sunday, 16 February 2014

Updated: Sewage flooding now ceased at Elizabeth Court in Theale

I was pleased to see that sewage flooding at the Elizabeth Court sheltered housing, off Theale High Street, had ceased today. I had been concerned about the following:

  • Residents, most of whom are elderly, walking through a shallow stream of sewage when walking to and from shops in the High Street
  • An accumulation of sewage rounds the corner of the building, giving a risk of rising damp
  • The sewage was running into the watercourse that surrounds two sides of the building, leading to pollution.
I strongly suspect that the flooding has ceased because Thames Water's contractors cleared a blockage in the sewer running under the High Street yesterday. Thames Water had previously blamed groundwater filling the sewer and overloading the pumping stations.

Thames Water had promised me that they would clear the site of sewage detritus once the flooding has ceased. They had not yet done that when I checked this evening. I will check again tomorrow and chase them if it still has not been done.

Update 17th February

I checked this afternoon to find that Southern Housing Group staff were making a very good job of clearing up. They were happy to clear up and didn't want me to get Thames Water down to do the job.

They had opened up the two manholes. The one that had been leaking sewage was empty and its sewer had a good flow. The one into which the leaking sewage had been diverted turned out to be for another sewer and not for a surface water drain. Fortunately, therefore, I need not have worried about pollution.

Alan Macro
Councillor for Theale
West Berkshire Council

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