Monday, 10 March 2014

Lambfields sewage pumping station in Theale broken down again

One of the pumps at the sewage pumping station at the corner of Lambfields and Church Street had been taken away for repair. Now the other one has broken down. A Thames Water employee that I spoke to on-site told me that they cannot repair the pump until the level of effluent has been reduced by pumping into tankers. This may take a couple of days.

Alan Macro
Councillor for Theale
West Berkshire Council

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  1. Regarding your comments that it may take a ‘couple of days’ to finish the pumping operation at this site. The work continues and it is not without disturbance to the immediate locality, beginning as they do at 06:15 in the morning. Clearly, there is a problem at this site that requires significant and urgent attention. You note that one pump had already been removed for repair and that the second pump had then failed. Questions:-

    When was the first pump removed for repair and what was the anticipated re-installation?

    If they have failed to meet with their original repair schedule, why was that?

    Is the pumping station of sufficient capacity to deal with the anticipated flow rates and if not, what are they doing to remedy that situation?

    I look forward to your discovery of the full situation at this pumping station.

    Rod Trevaskus

  2. Chased Thames Water this afternoon on the long term solution. This is to provide an automatic overflow into an adjacent sewer if the pumping station is overloaded or not working. This project was to be considered for approval in January. I chased my contact in February, who promised to get back to me. She told me today that she had still not had an update and was chasing for one.

    I also chased Thames Water on the current situation. I was given a different cause of the problem: the pumps were blocked and the level in the pumping station had to be reduced by tankering so that they could be cleared. They had now been cleared and the pumps tested. The tests were OK and tankering is no longer necessary.

    1. Many thanks Alan, let us hope they are able to provide you with the long term solution within a reasonable timescale. I look froward to hearing of it.

      Rod T