Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Lambfield Sewage Pumping Station Upgrade Started

Work on upgrading the Lambfield sewage pumping station in Church street, Theale has started.

The upgrade involves replacing the two pumps with more powerful ones. The more modern design of the pumps means that that they are less likely to get blocked.

Hopefully, this should mean an end to the sewage back-up problems that have affected the area for years. It should also mean the end of the need to use tankers to pump out the sewer, which has caused much disturbance to local residents.

One of the men working on the upgrade said that the work should be completed within a month.

Alan Macro
Councillor for Theale
West Berkshire Council

Email: councillor.macro@theale.org.uk
Twitter: @alanmacro
Facebook: alan.macro

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