Wednesday, 25 June 2014

"Beat the Street" comes to Theale

"Beat the Street" is a programme to get people to exercise more by encouraging walking and cycling.

Participants have a card that they touch on "beat boxes", like this one in Meadow Way, as they walk around the village:

The Beat the Street system calculates the amount that the participant has walked or cycled and awards points. People can join teams and their points area awarded to their team.

The target is for all the people taking part in Theale, Pangbourne and Mortimer, together with those who have already taken part in Reading, to collectively walk the equivalent distance from the Earth to the Moon - 239,000 miles - by July 22nd.

More information can be found on the Reading Beat the Street website

Please see the Theale Beat the Street map to see where the Beat Boxes in Theale are.

You can get Beat the Street cards from either Theale Library or Theale Medical Centre.

Alan Macro
Councillor for Theale
West Berkshire Council

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  1. Just seen this on beatthestreet facebook page:

    "Bonus weekend! From first thing tomorrow (friday 11) to Monday 14th at 9.00 every journey will be worth double. Plus all teams with less than 50 members will come off the leaderboard. See to watch the leaderboards and check your totals. Which village will win? "

    So Theale village will drop off the leaderboard as we only have 20 members ... what a waste of time, if that is the case there is no point carrying on

    1. In fact, Theale has 25 members. I have posted the following comment on

      In the Mortimer, Pangbourne and Theale project only the school teams have more than 50 members. Mortimer, previously top of the leader board, has only 22. Mortimer and Theale would have had to at least double their membership to stay on the board!