Monday, 2 June 2014

Latest News on Theale Station Improvements

I attended a meeting last week with West Berks Council officers, First Great Western, Network Rail and Theale's Future to get an update on the improvements at Theale Station.

The new footbridge with lifts has been given the go-ahead and is expected to be completed in the autumn.

The new station building is substantially complete and just needs to be connected to the electricity mains. However, it was agreed that it should not be opened until the new footbridge and lifts are open. The existing booking office at the foot of the existing stairs will be kept in use to avoid passengers having to double-back to the existing footbridge after buying their tickets. It is planned to keep the ticket machine at this location when the new booking office is open.

It may no longer be necessary to increase the height of Theale railway bridge. The electrification wires may be lowered under the bridge instead. This, however, needs approval from the Office for Rail Regulation!

Alan Macro
Councillor for Theale
West Berkshire Council 

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  1. Thanks for the update Alan.

    Will there be a ticket machine by the ticket office?

    Also I've noticed that there's a footpath access that leads behind the office a main road

  2. My understanding is that there will be a ticket machine either at the new booking office or by the lift from the car park, in addition to the current one. However, I'll double-check.

    The access beside/behind the new station building onto Brunel Road is make access to/from the station more convenient for the many people who commute into Theale to go to the many offices in the business parks

  3. FGW have confirmed that there will be a new ticket machine at the new booking office and that they plan to keep the existing one on its current site