Sunday, 13 July 2014

Feedback from exhibition on development proposals for Theale Lake

I thought that yesterday's exhibition at Burghfield Sailing Club was very poor. There were just a few display boards squeezed into a corner. It was difficult for the public to easily see what was being displayed in the cramped area.

I had to speak to one of staff to get my questions answered as the information on the boards was limited.

The promised flood alleviation would mainly benefit Sheffield Bottom, with an improved water flow from Hosehill Lake into Theale Lake. The exit weir from Theale Lake (near where the M4 crosses the River Kennet) would be modified to allow the level of the lake to rise up to one meter in times of flooding to accommodate floodwater.

The swing bridge would be replaced by a wider and stronger one, though it would still single be track. He said that this was to accommodate buses as they plan a bus service to serve the development form the Theale direction. I would not have thought that a bus service to serve a development of 200 homes would be viable.A replacement bridge with a higher weight limit would, of course, allow trucks to cross it.

The 30 "can float" homes would be built on pontoons in docks slightly larger than the pontoon. As water level in the docks increased in times of flood, the pontoons and homes they support would rise with the water level. A central pile would guide the pontoons and homes so that they only rose and fell vertically.

Alan Macro
Councillor for Theale
West Berkshire Council

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