Saturday, 11 October 2014

#Theale police station to be sold

Thames Valley Police have announced that the closed Theale Police Station is to be sold. A story in the Reading Chronicle says that the closure will save £24,000 per year, which seems unlikely given the size of this modest building. 

The station was closed several years ago and has been used since by the TVP property department.The building is sandwiched between Theale Library and the main entrance to Theale Green School, so the possible future uses for the building must be limited.

What is annoying is that there have been several community uses proposed for the building over the years:
  • new office for Theale Parish Council 
  • more room for the extension to Theale Library and car park
  • base for the neighbourhood police team and neighbourhood wardens
However, the police refused to release the building.

Alan Macro
Councillor for Theale

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