Friday, 21 November 2014

M4 J3-12 "Smart Motorway" project exhibition in Theale Village Hall

Visited the M4 J3-12 "Smart Motorway" project exhibition in Theale Village Hall.

A few of the interesting things I found out:
  • Lanes one (currently the hard shoulder) and four will be surfaced in noise-reducing asphalt throughout from J3 to west of J12. All lanes on the eastbound carriageway will be surfaced in this material from west of J12 through the junction. This will result in a small reduction in traffic noise affecting the Woodfield Way area. There are to be NO noise reduction fences near Theale, though.
  • No increase in air pollution caused by traffic is expected in Theale
  • There will still be three lanes through J12. There will be four lanes all the way from J12 to J10 and from J10 to J4B, making use of the current hard shoulder.
  • It is proposed to have just two Emergency Refuge Areas (laybys for emergency use) eastbound between J12 and J11 and three westbound.
  • Broken-down vehicles will be detected by a mixture of wire loops in the road and radar, triggering an automatic 40MPH speed limit and alerting monitoring officers in the control centre.
  • Work is expected to start from the Theale (J12) end in 2016 and then work eastwards.
Alan Macro
Councillor for Theale

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