Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Updated: Outcome of Theale Parish Council Special Meeting to Decide on Location for Replacement Primary School

This was a very lively meeting! Many residents spoke passionately about the need for a new school at the beginning of the meeting. Equally, many residents spoke with equal passion about the need to keep public open space.

Several residents complained about the lack of notice about the meeting. It was explained that this was because West Berks Council had asked for a decision before Easter. There was also a delay in publicising the meeting  because advice had to be obtained on whether such a decision could be taken during the election campaign.

West Berks Council officers gave explanations of why their preferred site was on the North Street playing fields. However, residents and parish councillors felt that there were not fully satisfactory answers to all questions, particularly on planning, traffic and road safety.

The Parish Council therefore decided to defer a decision and to organise a public meeting so that West Berks Council could fully explain their reasons for preferring this site and so that planning and highways questions to be fully answered.

It is intended that the public meeting will be held after the school holidays but before the end of April.

Update 14/4/15:

West Berkshire Council have asked for the public meeting to be put back to the second week in May. The exact date will depend on the availability of a suitable hall availability and of the appropriate West Berkshire Council officers.

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