Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Information on selection of site for new Theale C of E Primary School

West Berkshire Council have a project to replace Theale Primary School on a new site. The school is full and needs to be expanded to accommodate 315 pupils to cater for the number of primary school age children expected in Theale in 2017. The new school also needs to be able to expand to 420 pupils to accommodate children from housing that has been given planning permission and any new housing sites that may be allocated. The Council has allocated almost £7.5M for the new school.
A significant amount of time was spent in trying to find a way to expand the school on its existing site but this proved to be not possible. Eleven sites around Theale were considered but only one proved to be viable. This site is on part of the “North Street” playing field. This is situated on the opposite of Englefield Road to the Village Hall. Please see this map.
The field is leased by Theale Parish Council from the Englefield Estate and the parish council would have to agree to release five acres of the 13.5 acre field. The remaining field would be large enough to accommodate three full size football pitches.
West Berkshire Council have produced this leaflet to introduce the project and describe how the proposed site was selected.
Alan Macro
Councillor for Theale
West Berkshire Council

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