Thursday, 2 July 2015

Question I will be asking the Chief Constable of Thames Valley this evening

I will asking the Chief Constable the following question at his briefing to West Berkshire Council this evening:

It has taken many months to replace the leading officer in the neighbourhood team that covers Theale after she was moved to CID. I understand that her replacement is to be part-time. Our PCSOs are now doing work that used to be performed by police officers. They are also having to cover a much wider area. Over the same period, Theale has experienced a spate of house and outbuilding break-ins, and thefts of motor vehicles. There has also been major outbreaks of vandalism to the primary school, playground and skatepark.

Could the Chief constable please tell me what he is planning to do to address problems like these in areas like Theale?

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