Tuesday, 22 September 2015

IKEA Calcot store to open next summer

I attended a meeting of local councillors with the new store manager last week. She said that the store will open next summer. She said that they will recruit about 350 "co-workers" and that they will be attending the Reading Jobs Fair at The Hexagon on Oct 1st to start recruiting. They pay the Living Wage (the one monitored by the Living Wage Foundation, not the imitation created by George Osborne).
She assured me that co-workers (staff) would be able to park in their car park - there is no separate staff parking.
She also told me that they would consider a park-and-ride scheme during the first few months to avoid the kind of traffic gridlock that we have seen elsewhere. They are putting much more emphasis on home delivery, so its not so important for customers to drive to their stores.

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