Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Tree work on Theale bypass embankment.

I have received several complaints from residents about the tree work that has been carried out on this embankment, behind Cavalier Close and Mulberry Way, over the last few days:

I passed these complaints on to West Berkshire Council's grounds maintenance manager. He had one of his officers visit the site and speak to the tree surgeon on Monday.

They have agreed to pollard affected willow trees to six metres above ground level, rather than two to three metres, from now on. This pollarding will still look drastic, but the willows will re-grow quickly (like the ones at the end of Cavalier Close and opposite the library did). 

I have received a copy of a tree condition report that was carried out last autumn. This specified different treatment for different groups of trees, and individual trees, depending on their condition and location. Some willows are specified to be coppiced (cut down, but leaving a stump to form a base for re-growth). Again, these should re-generate quickly. Trees growing between the noise fence and the bypass, growing within a metre of the fences or in the ditch are specified to be felled. There are also several trees that are to be felled because they are dead (including some elms) or are leaning.

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