Tuesday, 16 February 2016

WestBerks Council Threatens to Close Theale library

West Berkshire Council are proposing to close all their libraries, except that in Newbury, to save money. The proposed closures include Theale. They are consulting on the closures until 7th March. It is very important for everyone who cares about Theale Library to respond to the consultation urgently. Possible reasons include: 
  • difficulty of getting to Newbury library by public transport for those without use of a car
  • expense of getting to Newbury library will put off those on low incomes or benefits
  • closure will stop children attending literacy sessions
  • it would make life very difficult for those who rely on using computers in libraries to access the housing list and universal benefit websites
  • closure will have a large negative impact on older people who rely on the library for a variety of reading matter
  • closure of the library will discourage children from reading 

But please add your own reasons!

Please respond to the consultation, then sign my petition to Save Theale Library.

IKEA Latest

IKEA have withdrawn their application to build a 42 metre-high “navigation tower”. Thank you for everyone who commented on this and heled persuade them that it would not be approved.

Application 15/03427/ADV for a 3 metre high, internally illuminated, “parapet” sign on top of their store has attracted 15 objections so far, so that application should be decided by West Berkshire Council’s Eastern Area Planning Committee.

Application 15/03426/ADV for 13 signs and 3 sets of flags has only attracted 8 objections so far, so will be decided by officers unless there are another couple of objections

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Please sign my petition to stop the closure of Lloyds Bank in ‎Theale‬.

Lloyds Bank have announced that they intend to close its branch in Theale on 8th June. This would cause hardship to local businesses and residents.
It would particularly affect pensioners and those without cars as the nearest branch (in Tilehurst) is very difficult to reach using public transport.
I am therefore raising the following petition:

I call upon Lloyds Bank to reverse its decision to close its Theale High Street branch. This is the only bank in Theale and closure would cause hardship for local businesses and residents. Closure would particularly affect pensioners and those without cars as the nearest branch (in Tilehurst) is very difficult to reach by public transport.

Please sign and share the petition.