Sunday, 12 June 2016

Latest News about Theale Library

West Berkshire Council has given an assurance that no libraries will close until a needs assessment has been completed. This has just started and is due to be completed by the end of August. Therefore all the libraries, Theale included, will stay open until at least the autumn.

The needs assessment will be carried out by consultancy company Red Quadrant and will involve: 
  •  Library visits during open hours. A half day will be spent at each library so that users, “friends” groups, parish councillors, etc., can speak to the consultant. These visits will be publicised in advance.
  • A profile of each library will be drawn up, including demographics and budgets
  • An investigation into available library technology
  •  An investigation into different ways of running libraries, including:
o   By the Council, as at present
o   By communities
o   Outsourced to a private company
o   By a staff mutual

The consultants are scheduled to report back by the end of August. A summary report will be published. West Berkshire Council’s Executive will then make a decision on the future of the libraries.

Please keep using the library to show the consultants and the Council that we use and value it!

The Council’s news release about the needs assessment can be read at

It’s news release about a meeting with community groups about the needs assessment can be read at

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