Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Complained to WestBerks about quality of resurfacing of Church Street service road in Theale

I  received complaints from several residents about the quality of the resurfacing of the service road in Church Street that was done late on Friday. I am not happy with its quality, either.

Problems include: 
  • ·         A noticeable dip in the finished surface
  • ·         Defects in the surface
  • ·         Surface not sealed in places
  • ·         Fouling of drain covers
  • ·         Spilled stones not cleared away
  • ·         Staining of kerbs

 The work was finished very quickly. They were still doing preparatory work when I drove past at 16:30. Residents told me that they finished at 18:30. It appears to have been a rushed job.

I therefore complained to West Berks Council yesterday.

The problems are illustrated by the following photos:

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Limited new minibus services to serve ‪‎Theale‬, replacing 101, 104 & 105 buses, from 3rd September

West Berks Council are to run limited minibus services from 3rd September to replace the 101, 104 and 105 bus services:
Service 41 Timetable serving Thatcham, Cold Ash, Upper Bucklebury, Bradfield, Englefield and Theale.
Service 44 Timetable Service 44 serving Thatcham, Brimpton, Aldermaston, Beenham, Bradfield, Englefield, Theale and Calcot. Aldermaston to Calcot are served by one service each way Mondays and Wednesdays only.

Friday, 5 August 2016