Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Complained to WestBerks about quality of resurfacing of Church Street service road in Theale

I  received complaints from several residents about the quality of the resurfacing of the service road in Church Street that was done late on Friday. I am not happy with its quality, either.

Problems include: 
  • ·         A noticeable dip in the finished surface
  • ·         Defects in the surface
  • ·         Surface not sealed in places
  • ·         Fouling of drain covers
  • ·         Spilled stones not cleared away
  • ·         Staining of kerbs

 The work was finished very quickly. They were still doing preparatory work when I drove past at 16:30. Residents told me that they finished at 18:30. It appears to have been a rushed job.

I therefore complained to West Berks Council yesterday.

The problems are illustrated by the following photos:

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