Friday, 11 November 2016

BT threatening to remove a public phone box in Theale

BT have put this poster up in the phone box at the junction of Deadmans Lane and Church Street:

If you object to its removal, please write to the Head of Planning and Countryside, West Berks Council, Market St., Newbury, RG14 5LD, or email, by November 25th. I have sent the following objection: I object to the proposed removal of this public telephone because:
  • It is close to the bus park used by buses serving Theale Green School. It is also in a location where many parents pick up their children from the school. The payphone is therefore essential because it can be used by children to contact their parents when something goes wrong with their travel arrangements.
  • It is the only payphone at the western end of Theale. The nearest alternative is about half a mile away.
  • It is close to sites proposed for 450 homes.
  • It is adjacent to the local St Johns Ambulance headquarters.
  • It is close to Theale library.

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