Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Latest news about the new Theale Primary School

Theale Parish Council discussed the planning application to provide a new playing field at its meeting on Monday. The proposed playing field would be in the corner of the field next to the golf course and is to partly compensate for the playing space that will be lost when the new primary school is built.

Parish councillors were told that West Berkshire Council's Public Rights of Way team were concerned about the current plan because it would obstruct the public footpath that runs down the side of the road to Theale Golf Club. They had asked for the plans to be changed to avoid the footpath.

There was also a request to thicken the landscape planting around the proposed playing field.

Changing the plans to accommodate these objections would probably mean that the space available for playing and/or parking would be reduced.

Further details of these concerns can be seen on "Update to Agent 1" under "Correspondence"  on Plans for the proposal and other details can also be accessed on that page.

I have had approval from the chairman of the Eastern Area Planning Committee for the proposal to be decided at a meeting of the committee rather than by planning officers.

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