Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Theale not affected by LGBCE's proposals for new West Berks Council ward boundaries

Theale is not affected by the Local Government Boundary Commission's proposals for new ward boundaried for West Berks Council. Summary of proposals affecting Reading West constituency:

Pangbourne: now includes Tidmarsh and Sulham from Purley ward – one member. Tilehurst and Purley: a 3-member ward including Westwood and northern part of existing Birch Copse. Birch Copse: a 2-member ward, losing its northern bit to Purley but taking in Royal Avenue part of Calcot. Tilehurst South & Holybrook is similar to Calcot but only a 2-member ward, with a chunk taken away to Birch Copse. Theale: one member ward on existing boundaries. The proposals are now out for consultation (10 weeks). Full details and a map.

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