Friday, 1 June 2018

Summonses to be served on travellers

Summonses will be served by West Berks Council on both groups of travellers (Woodfield Way and behind Mulberry Way/Cavalier Close) today for a court hearing on Tuesday. This followed directions to move served by the council earlier this week, which were ignored by the travellers.

Travellers normally move off site before court hearings.

I have asked for temporary security measures, such as crane weights or skips, to be put in place quickly after they leave until permanent security measures can be put in place.

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  1. Thanks Alan,
    I think a series of skips each with a few tons of rubble in would be the easiest way of sealing off the entry points for Myton Walk/Mulberry Way.

    However, I suspect that we really need a change in the law governing travellers and anti-social behaviour - I am writing to Alok Sharma MP and encourage all readers to do the same. Perhaps you should ask Mr Sharma down here Alan and walk around the village with him.

    If something is not done I fear we are gearing up for some serious trouble. If the law and police stop working then we could end up with a citizens protection committee taking the necessary measures, which would be most regrettable.